Mittwoch, 10. August 2016


Flug über Island

Dear Family, Friends, casual readers,
At the moment I am approaching San Francisco airport. Unfortunately, it took me a while to write this first post, as the last days were quite busy and frantic. If this post will sound a bite lame it is because my creativity vanished between my first and second paper. Although I tried to finish most of them at home, most of my time was occupied concluding the last travel arrangements. Which brings me to my current situation. I am studying psychology at Berlin and just finished my fourth semester. This pleasing event launches my ten week-summer vacation. Therefore, I am going to travel the next two months with my good pal Florian. We will start at San Francisco and I will leave him, once we reach Mexico city where my return flight to Germany will take of at the fourth of October. Flo has been traveling in his mobile home for quite a while and is willing to take me on as a part time travel mate once again. I know him back from my hometown trier, which gives us the possibility to act out our Trierian-accent to its fullest. 2013/14, we already spend three months together, traveling through parts of Australia as well as New Zealand. Back then we got accustomed to our travel styles which makes it a lot easier for this adventure. I am really looking forward to this trip because it will turn my momentary live rhythm upside down. By doing so I will have the chance to reflect my current situation and also spend a unique time in a country which tempts me in so many ways. The diverse scenic landscapes, as well as the laid back lifestyle as a low budget traveler are just two of numerous appealing aspects that come to mind.

Right now I haven’t really realized what is in front of me. I am not even slightly nervous or happy. Not even relieved to leave a couple of problems and tricky situations behind. But it will probably hit me sooner or late. At latest when I get that stamp in my passport or when I see that “German-chocolat-Muesli-Gourmet” with my own eyes – there is apparently no place in Canada or America that sells chocolate-muesli, so I packed two kilos for Florian.

Concerning this blog, I really cannot tell what the readers or “future-Vince” can expect. Until this point I was a badly inconsistent blogger. Often I couldn’t motivate myself or just didn’t had the feeling that there was anything to write about. That’s one reason why I chose to switch the language. You will notice that my writing skills aren’t perfect but it will be a great chance to practice, improve and even challenge them. Especially it will be a preparation for my future plans which include studying abroad for at least a couple of years. As I hinted before, my primary goal is to create a blog that describes my travel experiences close to reality and functions as an authentic log for my future self. It is truly amazing how I remember details from my last travels when I riffle through my previous posts.  By posting my blog online, I want to give my family, friends and other interested people the chance to follow my trips, share my thoughts and maybe feedback me, on whatever they stumble upon whilst reading. So don’t hesitate to contact me when something comes to your mind. Whatever that might be.

Finally, I want to describe the current situation that awaits me. Flo already pimped his Ford explorer with the necessary items we need (comfy bed, solid stereo equipment, esky, gas cooker, and so on). Luckily for me, so we can get started immediately – kind of perfect. Furthermore, there are only three final destinations to our trip: First: Arrival at San Francisco – third of august, Second: Burning man festival – end of august, Third: return flight from Mexico city – fourth of October. By not planning our trip in detail we kept the great advantage of spontaneous traveling, a pretty cool thing to have. It gives us every option to stay wherever we want, when we want and how long we deem necessary. It also prevents the risk to hustle from one place to another, which can spoil marvelous moments at last. So the plan for now is not to have a plan at all, expect living in that Ford explorer, travel the country, visit several national parks and find beautiful places along the way.
So that’s it for now, since I got the second “close your laptop or we will crash look” from the flight attendant across. I will come back at writing when I have adapted to the circumstances, got some proper sleep and inhaled 6 meals or 7. As it turns out the most convenient airline, regarding the prices, is not the most convenient one for me – this pun actually works better in the German language. No meals in nearly 30 hours and insanely high prices on stuff, no one even wants to eat, equals one hungry, insomniated Vince, who is really looking forward to meet some of that praised fast food.

Next time there will be more pictures and impression of the “still best country in the world”, if you believe Michelle Obama. Cheers and Good Night!

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